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Our brand purpose to #SparkDelight is today, more poignant than ever.

Aimed to initiate and ignite positivity and joyfulness and to make each day feel special by spreading delight in each moment, we strive to add that little extra Sparkle into the lives of our community.

To encourage this we launched our #SparkDelight Christmas competition. We asked you, our community to take part and tell us what had Sparked Delight for you over the past few months…

1000's of you took part - see what has Sparked Delight for our community…


14th December 1:16

My Spark Delight moment is when I was able to meet up with my 3 beautiful Grandchildren after being in lockdown for 3 months ! We were all so Excited which Ignited an explosion of cuddles & kisses

Maria #sparkdelight


14th December 1:12

Watching my girls grow through lockdown. Spending quality time with them. Making new memories in such an unprecedented time.

Wendy #sparkdelight


14th December 1:07

The joy of home-schooling myCanadian grandchildren onSkype & Facetime

Polly #sparkdelight


14th December 0:42

I finally brought my own house. A long awaited dream come true.

Ayesha #sparkdelight


14th December 0:15

The love we all share together makes life soo much better especially this year it’s been tough x

Paravinder #sparkdelight


14th December 0:03

When I gave my Beautiful Wife her Swarovski Watch for her 50th Birthday during lockdown

Mark #sparkdelight


13th December 23:07

Getting through this year, Marriage being stronger due to more time being spent at home. Enjoying every moment with the family that we normally take for granted.

kylie #sparkdelight


13th December 22:53

I’ve loved spending time at home with my husband and 2 gorgeous cats, I’ve enjoyed cooking and I’ve been grateful for our health. I’ve loved using our beautiful Garden and growing plants and herbs. X

Victoria #sparkdelight


13th December 22:44

Hanging my 2020 Swarovski star on the Christmas Tree seemed particularly special this year. A year to remember!

Apple #sparkdelight


13th December 22:44

My best friend giving birth to a beautiful baby girl on the 13th December 2020 after a tough few years. So so proud of her Wishing her family all the health and happiness

Beatrice #sparkdelight


13th December 22:39

With the pandemic, much wasn’t done, so I decided to work in a care home to keep the happiness and joy alive with my residents, they wait for me everyday ❤️

henrietta #sparkdelight


13th December 22:25

This spring/summer season For the first time ever I grew 11 juicy tomatoes- it was also the first time I did not kill a plant so this pushed me to get more plants and guess what? THEY’RE STILL ALIVE:D

Natalia #sparkdelight


13th December 22:06

As a teacher I hoped my children would want to work with children, they didn’t until they volunteered to work with children of NHS workers during lockdown.Now they both want to work with children 😊

HE #sparkdelight


13th December 22:06

My #SparkDelight moment of 2020 was mastering making cannolli’s

Sophie #sparkdelight


13th December 21:54

Animals spark delight for me everyday. We humans don’t appreciate what beautiful creatures we share this planet with everyday. We should cherish them!

Jill #sparkdelight


13th December 21:47

Our #SparkDelight moment of 2020 is when ‘Gentleman Dennis’ our new Vizsla puppy joined our family in November. He’s an absolute delight 🌟

Val #sparkdelight


13th December 21:43

Spending so much time with my amazing husband and dog. We have been together 24 /7 and it has been brilliant.

Pauline #sparkdelight


13th December 21:15

My shy 13 year old daughter flying a two seater plane with the Air Cadets. Seeing the confidence she has gained has been a joy. She came alive and sparkled like Swarovski #SparkDelight

Julia #sparkdelight


13th December 21:11

Throughout this pandemic working in the NHS has been difficult times. No two days have been the same, we have laughed and we have cried, but most of all we have stuck together, and made a difference

Judith #sparkdelight


13th December 21:01

My sparkly delight moment was my transplant surgery in February. I’m forever grateful to my donor family because they gave me a second chance to live..🙏🏼

Anna #sparkdelight

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